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Melissa Griffin - $3,000

Tarleton State University - Masters in Social Work
Melissa's interest in advocating for people with Alzheimer's disease began when she was a teenager and was coping with her grandmother's illness.  After graduating with a bachelors of science in Psychology, she sought a job that offered direct experience with dementia.  Since then she has worked in memory care and now has a career with the Alzheimer's Association.  Her goal now is to address and improve dementia care on a community impact level.  Her education will equip her to gain grand writing skills, professional leadership development, knowledge of community organizing practices, and relationships with professionals who are already successful in this level of macro practice.


Lauren Benefield - $2,000

Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing Fastbacc Program - Registered Nurse

After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Genetics and a minor in Neuroscience, Lauren started the highly intensive Baylor Fastbacc program in May of 2019 to earn her second bachelor's degree of science in nursing.  Having volunteered for hospice and living with both grandmothers for the majority of her life, she has a unique understanding of how the health of relatives affects the family structure in multi-generational households.  Her hope is that after she graduates from Baylor she will be able to help geriatric patients and their families understand the complexities of aging.

Leatrice Williams - $4,000

NET SMART - Advanced Practice Program
Leatrice worked as a critical care nurse for 12 1/2 years before earning a graduate degree as an Adult Health Clinic Nurse Specialist.  As current leader of a stroke program, she would like to pursue a post-graduate fellowship in stroke care.  The NET SMART program is designed to prepare nurses to provide expert clinical care to acute stroke patients.  After she completes the two year program, she plans to extend educational opportunities for other healthcare providers.

Laurie Miller - $2,000

Eastern Illinois University - MA in Aging Studies
As an involved member of DAGS and a local entrepreneur, Laurie has spent years gaining hands-on experience in the business of aging.  Her desire to continue her college education while her children were finishing up their college education was a courageous step, a step taken out of the selfless desire to educate herself, so she can educate others.  Laurie has had a hand in creating multiple beneficial programs such as Conversation Ready NTX/The Conversation Project, Aging 2.0, iAct Summit, and ESP of Collin County.  Earning a graduate degree in gerontology will help her reach her goal of "being a credentialed expert in the field of aging."

Named Scholarship - Dallas County Community College $1,500

Dallas Area Gerontological Society, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization, offers a scholarship to an individual preparing for a career in gerontology or to an individual currently working in the aging field, but wishing to increase his or her current skills through a degree or certificate program.


Erin Murphy - $4,000

University of Texas at Arlington - School of Social Work - Doctoral Student
Erin's employment and academic positions have given her the ability to look at systematic issues that contribute to the social isolation, marginalization, and stigmatization of certain populations and the inter-sectionality of factors like aging, housing instability, transportation disadvantage, race, and class.  Her hope is to successfully defend her dissertation and secure a tenure-track faculty position at an institution with a strong gerontology focus and infrastructure.  She does all this while volunteering for the Dallas Street Choir, and among other things. raising twin 8-year olds.


The Dallas Area Gerontological Society was founded with the expressed intent to educate the community at large about Gerontology, advocate for elderly persons, and promote improved services for elderly persons. DAGS will again be offering Scholarships for full-time or part-time students for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to those preparing for a career in Gerontology or those currently working in an aging field who wish to increase their skills through either a degree or certificate program.

Eligibility for Scholarship:

  • Individuals who live in the Greater Dallas area
  • Who are seeking careers in Gerontology including Social Work, Counseling, Nursing or Administration or who currently are working in the field of aging
  • Must be enrolled in or accepted by a college or program before funds will be released.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Applications for DAGS 2020/2021 Scholarships will be accepted until July 15th, 2020.

To Apply:
Option One - Download the  Scholarship Application,  complete the application in its entirety
                          and submit by  email to: or by mail to:  2220 Coit Rd, Ste 480-216, Plano TX 75075

Option Two - Apply Online Using the Form Below. For further instructions please download this **Scholarship Application  in addition to filling out the online form below.

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